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Every project starts with a blueprint. Learn how to kick off your planning with an audit and end with a rock-solid marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Learn how to convert prospects into customers, drive repeat business and referrals from your clients.

Inbound Marketing

Help new customers find you and get them started down the sales funnel by generating the kind of content they crave.

Web Design

Your website is the hub of all your digital marketing. Discover what it takes to create a powerful site that drives action.

Social Media

Create social media content your community will want to engage with and reach new audiences with targeted ads.

Metrics & SEO

Learn how to turn numbers into actions and how to get more visibility by making search engines love your website.

Marketing Advice

Marketing for a big company is different than marketing for a small business owner.

Having experience at both makes Lorraine’s advice both unique and valuable.

Matt Nettleton, Managing Partner, Sandler Training DTB


Lorraine Ball is a firework of enthusiasm who brings just as much energy to every project as she does know-how and expertise.


Joshua Hall, Techpoint

Social Networking Savvy

Who has more marketing/pr/social networking saavy than Lorraine Ball? Not one person. She is faster than the speed of light, has twice the energy and exudes more social networking clout than any three people you know.

Pat Milner, PM Marketing

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