28 Days of SEO

The rules of SEO are fairly complex and frequently changing.  It can be hard to keep up so we collected a series of SEO resources and bundled them in our 28 Days of SEO.

Originally shared as a daily update in our Facebook group you can find all 28 days of SEO tips below. 

Twenty Eight Days of SEO

#1 – SEO is a marathon – Optimizing a website is like buying a new car. The minute you drive it off the lot it loses value

#2 – 75,000/second – Countless opportunities every day to win some searches and drive organic traffic

#3 – Think like a customer – How do they describe your product/service? What do they search for when they are ready to buy?

#4 – Natural language wins – 50% of search queries are four words or longer. People are using more conversational phrases to find you online. 

Day 1
Day 3

#5 – 63% of search is on mobile – Google now uses mobile first indexing.

#6 – Google sells advertising – If search results aren’t high quality, users will go everywhere.

#7 – Do you deserve to be #1? – Millions of search results by every term. Win by narrowing your focus on niche keywords and geography.

#8 – 46% of search is local – You may not win around the world, but you can dominate in your own backyard.

#9 – Check your citations – Make sure your company name, address and phone number is consistent, EVERYWHERE!

#10 – Get on the map – Claim your Google My Business listing and add content such as images and post regularly.

#11 – Keywords in page titles – No one searches for “home” or “about you”. Page titles should describe your products/services.

#12 – Page title basics – Put the key word up front. Every page should have a unique title. Content should match the title.

#13 – Meta description basics – Concise summary of the page for search engines and people. 160 characters max with key word up front. 

#14 – SEO starts with content – Write naturally and often. Don’t keyword stuff your pages and write a minimum of 500 words per page.

#15 – 45% better click through rate from a Google search when the URL includes the keyword. 

SEO Basics

From the More than a Few Words archive. 

#247 SEO Basics

by Sam Von Tobel and Lorraine Ball

Day 16

#16 – Google answers questions – 8% of all search queries are questions. What, how and why. Win search by answering questions.

#17 – Scan-able contact wins – Use headers and subheads which contain keywords to improve search index and readability online.

#18 – People love pictures – 2.4% of Google search are image searches. Younger consumers prefer image to text results.

#19 – Optimize images – Use keywords in title and description size for mobile.

#20 – Links still have value – Quality inbound links raise your value.

#21 – Internal links have power – Connect new content to high authority content

#22 – Anchor text basics – Use the keyword as an anchor. Avoid generic terms like “click this”.

#23 – Optimize images – Use keywords in title and description. Size for mobile.

#24 – Use links in main content – Main content links have more value than links in boiler plate or footer.

#25 – Use links early – Links in your main content, earlier in the content have more value than links on the bottom of the page.

#26 – Variety has value – Links from unique value than links from the same sites.

#27 – Outbound links add value – Creating outbound links to authoritative sites improve your authority online.

#28 – Freshness counts – Google monitors pages for new information. Add content to high ranking pages. 

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