30 Days of Facebook Marketing

Originally shared as daily updates in our Facebook group you can find all 30 of our favorite Facebook marketing tips and statistics below.   


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#1 – 30 Days of Facebook Stats, Tips and Tricks

#2 – 2.45 BILLION active users monthly. This number alone is the reason Facebook marketing makes sense for so many industries. 

#3 Fastest growing Facebook Community: Users 65+  According to the Association of Mature American Citizens, America’s aging population has become a lucrative market for a variety of businesses.

#4 – Teens prefer YouTube, Instagram, and Snap Chat. So be aware of your target customer to determine where to best spend your marketing dollars.

#5 – Best time to post on Facebook is 11 am – 2 pm. With the scheduling tool there is no excuse for sharing content at the wrong time.   

#6 – Best days to post on Facebook Wednesday and Thursday. Start with these guidelines, but experiment for your audience. 

#7 – Average user spends about 38 minutes a day on Facebook.

#8 – 10% of Facebook users live in the US or Canada.

#9 – Facebook is the primary network for small business owners.

#10 – Facebook Ad impressions increased 37% in 2019.

#11 – The average cost per click for a Facebook Ad is $1.72.

#12 – 94% of Facebook Ad revenue is from mobile users. Given this statistic, make sure that your ads are mobile friendly. 

#13 – The optimal size for your Facebook avatar is 360 x 360 pixels.

#14 – The ideal size for you Facebook cover image is 1640 x 720.

#15 – For the most impact, post at least 3 x a week to your business page.

#16 – Increase engagement by asking and answering questions.

#17 – Tag, tag, and tag again to increase engagement.

#18 – Increase egagement by liking and sharing other people’s content. Are you getting the picture of just how important engagement is?

#19 – Posts with an image get 120% more engagement.

#20 – Posts with multiple images get 180% more engagement.

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#21 – Square shaped Facebook videos get 35% more views than landscape shaped videos.

#22 – Posts with 3 images have the highest engagement rate.

#23 – Most Facebook videos are watched with the sound off.

#24 – Live streams are watched 4x more than recordings.

#25 15% of US social media users shop on Facebook.

#26 – An average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads each month.

#27 – 3.6% is the average engagement rate for a Facebook post.

#28 – 6.13% is the average engagement rate for a Facebook video post. 

#29 – 90 million small businesses use Facebook. 

#30 – Facebook is the world’s third most visited website. 



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