30 Days of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more than just a job hunting tool.

With 675 million monthly users, there is a lot of business happening on the platform every single day.

Want to find some statistics and interesting LinkedIn tips?  You have come to the right place.

We have collected 30 days of LinkedIn information. Thes little blurbs were originally shared as daily updates in our Facebook group.

LinkedIn Tips - Day #5

#1 – 675 million people log in to LinkedIn ever single month. Do you?

#2 – 57% of LinkedIn users are men. While there are slightly more men than women on the site, it is certainly not an old boy’s club. 

#3 – 30 million companies are on LinkedIn.  Do you have a business page? You should. 

#4 – Sponsored InMail has a 52% open rate. While this can be abused, it can be a very effective way to put your message in front of select deciosn makers. , 

#5 – Post between 8 am Tuesday and 4 pm Thursday. People seem to have more time to browse social media mid week. 

#6 – Help people searching for someone like you to find you by using keywords to optimize your personal profile.  

#7 – List skills and accomplishments along with job title

#8 – Make your headline compelling –  This should be more than a job title or a degree. Use this like the headline in an advertisement and try to capture the imagination of the reader. 


#9 -Make a positive impression with a profile picture which represents you well.  Choose and imagte which is professional but not stuffy

#10 – Demonstrate that you are someone worth getting to know by requesting recommendations from customers and peers

#11 – Do not use a logo on your personal profile.  You may be using this tool to grow your business, but you are doing it through individual connections.  Keep your logo on y our company page. 

#12 – More people are talking to each other every day on LinkedIn.  Engagement has increased 50%, year over year

LinkedIn Tips from Javed Khan

From the More than a Few Words archive.

Day 9 pinlinkedin

#13 – Engage: Tag, comment and share content from others

#14 – Users are 60% more likely to engage with a coworker than another connection

#15 – Your employees will share company content, if you ask. They are 14 x more likely to share content from their employers than other types of content on LinkedIn.

#16 – Only 3 million users share content weekly.So even though lots of people log in, the news feed isn’t very crowded.  You can really make a positive impression with weekly updates. 

#17 – Only 1 million users have published an article on LinkedIn.  When was the last time you wrote an article? Did you know you can actually republish your blog posts and they won’t be considered duplicate content 

#18 – Long-form content gets the most shares on LinkedIn

#19 – Ask questions to start a conversation


#20 – LinkedIn posts that include images have a 98% higher comment rate

#21 – LinkedIn SlideShare has 70 million monthly active users

#22 – Longer updates receive 10 x more shares than short posts or simple links

#23 – Optimal title length was 40-49 characters. If it is too long, it may be truncated on some mobile devices.  

#24 – 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn “drive business decisions”

#25 – 52% of buyers turn to LinkedIn during research phase – This is why sharing informative and not necessarily promotional content is so productive on LinkedIn

#26 – 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation.  Create and share content designed to drive people to landing pages on your website.

#27 – An ad on LinkedIn can reach 12% of the world’s population

#28 – 57% of LinkedIn’s traffic is mobile

#29 – 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for content marketing

#30 – Cost per lead on LinkedIn is 28% lower than on Google AdWords


These are our LinkedIn Tips.  Do you have a few you would add to the list?



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