31 Days of Inbound Marketing Tips

Originally shared as daily updates in our Facebook group you can find all 31 of our favorite inbound marketing tips and statistics below.   


Inbound Mktg Pin Tips Day 6

#1 – 57% of purchase decisions are made before a customer talks to a supplier.

#2 – By 2030 – 88% of people will manage relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.

#3 – Requiring a phone number reduces conversion by 5%.

#4 – Requiring a street address reduces conversion by 4%.

#5 – Requiring city and state reduces conversion by 2%.

#6 – Strong calls to action are 1 – 3 words long.

#7 – Command Action : Click, Go, Register.

#8 – Shout at visitors. Use all capital letters in CTA.

#9 – Promise a benefit: Sign up to receive.

#10 – Don’t use ‘submit.’ This common phrase has the lowest response rate.

#11 – Use internal links. Drive visitors from other pages on your site to your landing page.

#12 – Use every page. Give visitors a conversion opportunity on every page.

#13 – Keep landing pages simple with only one call to action.

#14 – No Way Out – Limit navigation on landing pages.

#15 – Inform First – Sell Second – Share relevant information to engage your audience.

#16 – Use Surveys and Polls – People love to answer questions and learn how they stack up against others.

#17 – Track your results – Share more of what’s working.

#18 Segment your audience – Use different inbound campaigns for each segment.

#19 – 70% of visitors never return – Use auto response emails to bring them back.

#20 – A/B Test Landing Pages – Don’t guess, use data to pick best design.

Inbound Mktg Pin Tips Day 18
Inbound Mktg Pin Tips Day 23

#21 – Mobile Friendly – Test every landing page for even the smallest mobile device.

#22 – Sell with Video – Increase the “know, like, trust” factor by adding a video.

#23 – Add testimonials – People trust the opinions of others.

#24 – Use verifiable facts. Back up your claims with proof.

#25 – Grammar & spelling matter, poor spelling and grammar was the #1 factor that people claimed made them not trust a web page.

#26 – The best landing pages convert at rates of up to 27.4%. 

#27 – Average conversion rates are between 2% and 6%.

#28 – Don’t oversell. Avoid bloated adjective such as AWESOME and AMAZING. Makes people think you are trying too hard.

#29 – Limited time offers. Scarcity creates a sense of urgency.

#30 – Encourage Social Sharing. Add social shares to pages and after form submission.

#31 – Exit popup. As a last ditch effort to get someone to commit, consider an exit pop up. 

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