31 Days of Inbound Marketing Tips

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People don’t become customers overnight. Inbound marketing gives you a way to nurture the relationship as you continue the conversation over time.[/sc_fs_faq]

Originally shared as daily updates in our Facebook group you can find all 31 of our favorite inbound marketing tips and statistics below.   


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#1 – 57% of purchase decisions are made before a customer talks to a supplier.

#2 – By 2030 – 88% of people will manage relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.

#3 – Requiring a phone number reduces conversion by 5%.

#4 – Requiring a street address reduces conversion by 4%.

#5 – Requiring city and state reduces conversion by 2%.

#6 – Strong calls to action are 1 – 3 words long.

#7 – Command Action : Click, Go, Register.

#8 – Shout at visitors. Use all capital letters in CTA.

#9 – Promise a benefit: Sign up to receive …

#10 – Don’t use ‘submit.’ This common phrase has the lowest response rate.

#11 – Use internal links. Drive visitors from other pages on your site to your landing page.

#12 – Use every page. Give visitors a conversion opportunity on every page.

#13 – Keep landing pages simple with only one call to action.

#14 – No Way Out – Limit navigation on landing pages.

#15 – Inform First – Sell Second – Share relevant information to engage your audience.

#16 – Use Surveys and Polls – People love to answer questions and learn how they stack up against others.

#17 – Track your results – Share more of what’s working.

#18 Segment your audience – Use different inbound campaigns for each segment.

#19 – 70% of visitors never return – Use auto response emails to bring them back.

#20 – A/B Test Landing Pages – Don’t guess, use data to pick best design.

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#21 – Mobile Friendly – Test every landing page for even the smallest mobile device.

#22 – Sell with Video – Increase the “know, like, trust” factor by adding a video.

#23 – Add testimonials – People trust the opinions of others.

#24 – Use verifiable facts. Back up your claims with proof.

#25 – Grammar & spelling matter, poor spelling and grammar was the #1 factor that people claimed made them not trust a web page.

#26 – The best landing pages convert at rates of up to 27.4%. 

#27 – Average conversion rates are between 2% and 6%.

#28 – Don’t oversell. Avoid bloated adjective such as AWESOME and AMAZING. Makes people think you are trying too hard.

#29 – Limited time offers. Scarcity creates a sense of urgency.

#30 – Encourage Social Sharing. Add social shares to pages and after form submission.

#31 – Exit popup. As a last ditch effort to get someone to commit, consider an exit pop up.




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