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12:45 PM - Registration
1:00 PM - Welcome

Lorraine Ball

1:15 PM - Creating Digital Content

Jennifer Riley Simone

1:45 PM - Writing the Perfect Headline

Allison Carter

2:15 PM - Networking and Hands On Consulting
2:45 PM - Click This - Creating Powerful Landing Pages

Lorraine Ball

Email, social media and AdWords all drive traffic to your website. When visitors arrive, what happens next? How do you convert the casual visitor to a serious prospect?

3:15 PM - Driving Traffic with AdWords

Michelle McNally

3:45 PM - Networking and Hands On Consulting
4:15 PM - Putting Pinterest to Work

Dana Nelson

4:45 PM - Podcast Your Way to Success

Jen Edds

5:15 PM - Closing Session - Last Questions
5:30 PM - Informal Networking

Should you attend?

Are you interested in a do-it-yourself approach to digital marketing?

Do you simply want to ask the right questions before hiring a professional?

Then, yes! Join us for a half-day of speakers, panels, and networking.

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Digital Toolbox is a half-day of speakers, panels, and networking conversations for business owners and marketing practitioners

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University of Indianapolis

August 29th
1:00 PM to 5:30 PM