Don’t Pay a Marketing Agency

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Tech Tips / FAQ's

Discover the Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing

Marketing your small business using digital marketing tools can be a confusing world to navigate on your own. It is tempting to hire a third party marketing service to handle your company’s digital marketing, but there are immense benefits of learning this skill yourself. Taking control of your company’s digital marketing gives you the freedom to control how your company presents itself to the world. Every company needs to reduce its costs, and being able to save money on hiring a marketing firm provides a great way to reduce your small business’s costs.

Digital Toolbox provides a great learning platform for small business owners to gain new skills in digital marketing.  

The Psychological Benefit 

The value of learning a new skill is found in both psychological benefits and benefits for your business. According to the Goodlifecentre, learning a new skill provides people with both reduced stresses, improved confidence, and improved mental health felt from accomplishing goals through learning. Along with new knowledge and perspectives to bring to your business, learning something new will make you happier and can provide a refreshed mindset. Learning how to successfully implement digital marketing for your business will create better customer reach and more effective promotion. Additionally, you will become a more creative person when it comes to your approach to running a small business. The digital world continues to grow into consumers’ everyday lives and it is imperative that small businesses are able to take advantage of digital platforms to grow their business. Additionally, by doing marketing in house, your business will be able to demonstrate your brand’s value with the personality you want your brand to reflect.

The Financial Benefit

Digital Marketing firms are expensive and can be out of reach for small businesses that are running on a tight budget to get off the ground. This can lead to businesses being unable to use digital marketing to its benefit. By doing your company’s digital marketing yourself, you can have the opportunity to market your business in the most effective way while saving the cost of hiring a marketing firm. Learning digital marketing skills will allow you to effectively use digital tools to grow your business. According to PotluckConsulting, a marketing agency can cost a small business as much as $2,500 a month. By marketing yourself and foregoing the agency, a business can save as much as $30,000 a year on marketing. There are costs to learning digital marketing, but the savings in the long run will provide tremendous opportunities for your small business.

How Digital Toolbox can Help

Even if you do hire a firm to handle your marketing, the benefits of learning the basics will allow you to provide direction for your vendor as they develop programs for your business.

The Digital Toolbox provides you with the resources and training to become effective in digitally marketing your business. Our learning platform provides modules for business owners to complete at their learning pace, and additional resources for our members to use to make the best digital content they can for their business. Learn how to increase your Search Engine Optimization to increase the audience for your business, and increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing materials. You have many options when it comes to marketing your business, but learning these skills from Digital Toolbox is an investment that will pay dividends for your business in the long run.

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