Buzzword Breakdown: What is “Conversion”?

With all of the buzzwords being thrown around in the world of marketing, it can be quite difficult to keep track of what each one means. Today,we’ll ook at conversion how you can apply it to your professional website.  

What is Conversion?

Conversion is when a user completes the desired digital marketing goal you have set forth. This goal could be many things such as clicks, email sign-ups, purchases, or form completions. The ultimate goal of conversion marketing is to evaluate the different tactics outlined in order to convert individuals into loyal consumers. 

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Types of Conversion

A common misconception is that your website has to sell something to set conversion goals. Sales aren’t the only way you can track your success.

Other ways can include a click on a specific URL, a newsletter sign-up, a brochure download, or another trackable action. The goal you choose should cater to your business’s marketing plan and ultimately add value to your business in some way

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Conversion is Important

Tracking is so important because it allows you to evaluate how successful different campaigns and actions are. This evaluation will also help you decide where your time and money are best spent. Knowing whether or not users click to read a certain blog you are trying to gain more reach on will make all the difference to how you approach your marketing strategy. 


Let’s Track It!

When tracking conversions you can pick your analytics tool of choice. A couple of tools you can utilize are Google Analytics and Google Ads. Neil Patel’s blog on “How to Track Conversions in Google Analytics” does a great job walking you through how to manually set up the different goals you are hoping to track. Google Ads also provides a step-by-step explanation of how you can utilize their platform to track conversions through various methods. However you decide to track it, monitoring conversions will be beneficial to your everyday business and long-term marking success.