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A smart approach to SEO


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Stop worrying about search engines

Search engines don’t buy your products, people do. So why are you spending so much time trying to please search engines with links and keyword stuffed pages? 

Answer the questions

People come to search engines with questions. We’ll show you how to apply a content-based SEO approach which will drive organic traffic and delight visitors.

SEO for Business Owners

There a many technical aspects of SEO, but that’s not what this program is about.  Constructed with business owners in mind the assignments require little or no technical skills.

In this program on content-based SEO you will learn how to

  • Develop questions for each stage of search intent 
  • Research best questions
  • Identify your best content and content gaps
  • Use blog posts and FAQ pages 
  • Enhance content with power words
  • Build and execute a 90-day content plan

Work at Your Own Pace

Join us for small doses of SEO

Each lesson contains quick tips, worksheet, podcast and/or short video.  This is big topic, so set a schedule that works for you. 

Log in once a day or once week to complete the lesson and apply what you have learned. 

New Learning Portal

The content-based SEO course runs on our new learning portal, so all the videos, workbooks and resources are contained within the lesson.  No need to open multiple windows or hop from screen to screen.  

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