Oct. 1 –  Small Biz Chat:

Content Planning

Think of content planning as your roadmap. When business is booming, it can be easy for social media and content development to fall. Content planning is crucial!

This week, Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball shared some of their favorite content planning tactics.

What we discussed …

Don’t underestimate the power of content planning. Having a solid plan is much more ideal than scrambling to provide. Here are a few tips for content planning!

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Type of Content

Start planning what type of content you want to develop. Who are you talking to, who is your customer? Map out themes for every month. You can then develop content for newsletters, social media..the list goes on. 

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Use a Planning Tool

Outline a step-by-step process. Asana is a planning tool with several layers to keep tasks organized. Another planning tool is Teamwork, which is similar to Asana. Google Docs is also a great tool when working with a team.

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Start With a Blog Post

When it comes to content, a simple way to get started, is to just start writing. Now, you have a written form of content, that can branch off into other pieces for the month. A lot of conversations can stem from blog content

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Quality over Quantity

Rather than writing and developing an abundance of mediocre content, spend time developing content that is rich in information. Keep this in mind when planning content topics. Reuse and repurpose content that has already been covered.

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