Aug. 4, 2021 –  Small Biz Chat:

Email or Social Media

Which is better email or social media.  We think there is a place for email and social media to coexist in your marketing mix. Email and social media do not play the same role, discover how they work together to build your brand. 

This week, Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball share their insight on their take on email and social media working together.

What we discussed …

When choosing between email or  social media you need to understand how each tool gives you a different way to interact with your prospects and customers. Here is what Lorraine and Jennifer think about email and social media coexisting!

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Email Lists

Email contact lists are earned, and should not be bought. Not only are you spamming inboxes by buying email lists, you are also risking your entire contact list. Buying an email list also risks your domain. Friendly tip: stay AWAY from buying email lists!

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Integrate Email and Social Ads

When working with social ads, there are an endless amount of audience choices. But what about uploading your email list as an audience? Uploading your email list to use as an audience is a great idea, because some people may miss your email but see it on social media.

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Social Media Engagement

Social media really shines in engaging with your audience. Similar to a networking event, you can have a conversation with your audience on social media. You can begin with brand awareness and even go as far as customer service, on social media.

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Use Social Media to Build Email

Think of social media as your introduction to customers. Customers follow you on social media and they engage with your posts, that’s great targeting for an email list! Prompt your audience to join your email list. Once again, email and social media coexist in your marketing mix.

Get Personal

the key to making each of these tools more powerful is personalization.  The more you segment your content to appeal to smaller niches, the more people are likly to embrace your brand.