Keeping Up With Digital Marketing

by | Dec 28, 2021 | Tech Tips / FAQ's

Digital marketing keeps changing and it often feels impossible to keep up. We have put together a list of  suggestions to help you  keep up with the latest digital marketing trends. Whether your learning style is hands-on, auditory, or by learning through others, try these tactics to make the most of your Digital Toolbox experience and learn all you can about the field of digital marketing! 


Check out the NEW Learning Platform

The new Digital Toolbox learning platform can help you start your journey to becoming a pro in digital marketing. Now offering 3 courses – Content Based SEO, Build Your Digital Marketing Plan, and Blogging for Business Owners – these classes are a starting place for digital marketing beginners. Instead of hopping around to different digital marketing subjects, you can take a deep dive into specific subjects that interest you the most. If you are struggling to find a starting place, the new learning platform classes can help you get started! 

Open up your Digital Toolbox

Sometimes you might not have time for a full course, or maybe you just want to learn the basics about a certain topic. If that is the case, check out all the other tools on Digital Toolbox! Topics range from blog posts to business plans and so many things in between. Tools are offered in the form of general resources, educational videos, quizzes, and more to fit your learning style. 

Read Digital Toolbox Blog

If you’re here now, you are off to a good start! Some of us learn best by reading, and blogs are a quick and easy way to get our daily dose of digital marketing. With guest authors and a wide variety of topics, these frequent blogs will help you stay up to date with the changing industry. 


More Than A Few Words Podcast

Each week, Lorraine and industry leaders from around the world chat about marketing, social media, design, and technology. These podcast episodes are brief, but filled with plenty of great practical tips and trends to apply to your business. Learning digital marketing doesn’t have to be hard, or take up too much time. These short episodes are perfect to listen to on your way to work, on a walk, or during other down time.

Tune-in to Small Biz Chat

Each Friday morning at 9am, tune-in to the Small Biz Chat to get the latest information in digital marketing. Jennifer Denney and Lorraine tackle hot topics in marketing, frequently asked questions by new marketers, and best practices. Tune in live on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Youtube for this quick and easy way to get your daily dose of marketing. 


Join the Digital Toolbox Facebook Club

We spend so much time on social media, we might as well be learning from it! Join the Digital Toolbox Club on Facebook to connect with other small business owners who are a part of Digital Toolbox.  Not only will you learn from Lorraine, but you learn from others by seeing how they arre using digital marketing to grow their business. 

Join Marketing Groups 

Whether it is in person or online, like the Digital Toolbox Club, there are plenty of groups that help small business owners learn about marketing. Learning from others past experiences is one of the best ways to stay up to date. You can keep up with digital marketing and other marketing topics by networking with other small business owners like you! 

Follow Hashtags

Our final tip to stay up to date on marketing trends is following relevant hashtags on all your social media accounts. Follow hashtags of buzzwords you don’t understand, #marketingtrends, and #digitalmarketing to see digital marketing in action! 

We hope these tips will help you stay up to date in digital marketing so you never fall behind your competitors!

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