Question: What are the latest tools for the highly regulated wealth management field

 Answer: Many social tools include Workflow approval options

Here are several which are both affordable and easy to use. 

In highly regulated industries, like wealth management and insurance, the challenge is creating content that is timely, relevant and acceptable to your compliance department.

In those industries we suggest the following:

  1. A good content calendar which outlines the topics to be featured for the next six months.  It is better to identify potential land mines early.
  2. A standard workflow process which identifies who needs to review and approve content, and establishes appropriate timelines for review
  3. A content management tool which includes workflow and approval options such as:
    1. Buffer -There is a free option where you can schedule 10 social updates for free, or with a paid plan you can undertake unlimited scheduling User levels and publishing options are only available on the premium version.
    2. Plannable – Planable’s commenting and approval system for scheduled posts. Team members are able to go back and forth with comments to fine-tune scheduled content before it goes live.
    3. Sprout Social –  Offers an interactive calendar and asset management library, Sprout also simplifies collaboration with user-level permissions providing  specific access to different users

Thanks to Katie Donovan for the question.

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