Use personalized email campaigns to drive results

Personalized Email Marketing 

Stop trying to talk to everyone. Create more personal marketing content.

What We Will Talk About

Personalized Email Makes Customers Feel Special

It is time to stop sending the same generic messages to everyone on your list.  Learn how to improve your results with targeted and personalized email campaigns


Simple Tricks To Rise to the Top

  • Discover how to use segment tools to divide you list
  • Create custom auto response campaigns based on segments

Get Ready to Work

There is no charge to attend the this webinar but reservations are required.

Why Personalized email humanizes an impersonal world

If you are greeted by name when you walk into a local store, bar or restaurant you feel welcome. And if the clerk remembers you like purple shirts, or the server knows you like your coffee with two sugars you feel special.  So when you are ready for that next jolt of caffeine or something new for your wardrobe t  you are more likely to go back for the personal service.

With so much business conducted remotely and online, sometimes it feels as if we have lost that “personal touch.” But it doesn’t have to be that way. Companies willing to invest in getting to know a little bit more about customers and prospects can build a competitive advantage through the use of personalized email marketing. 

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