Small Biz Chat:  October 29, 2021

A New Name for Facebook

Maybe you have seen the headlines. Facebook is planning to change its company name  to reflect its focus on building the metaverse.
If that whole statement leaves you scratching your head then this conversation is for you.

What we discussed …

Facebook released that there are going to be some changes, specifically a name change. A lot was said, here is our summary.

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Is This a Surprise?

Facebook is getting a lot of heat. With negative press, why not launch something new? Launching this new name allows Zuckerberg to step away from Facebook and work on running this new project.

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The Name - Meta

How much thought was put into the new name, Meta? You hear “meta” as a common reference to a tv show or movie. The meaning of meta to us is self-awareness. Can we separate the meaning and the platform?

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"Unlimited Possibilities"

Zuckerberg, mentioned a lot of fun and charming new features. However, a lot of these new features seem scifi-like and outlandish. Simply put, these new features in Meta will be favored by some people but not everyone.

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Advertising Possibilites

Along with the building of this metaverse, there will also come a lot of advertising opportunities. Ad placement and audiences will most likely change. Specifically, if you are e-commerce, this could be great for you; keep watching as this plan rolls out.

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