Small Biz Chat: Google Smart Campaigns

Small Biz Chat comes to Facebook

After months of conversations on Clubhouse. Lorraine Ball and Jennifer Denney have decided to  bring the popular conversations to Facebook.  Now every Friday, at 9:00 am you an catch the conversations live, or check out the recordings later.

In this week’s chat we talked about Google Smart Campaigns

What we discussed ...

    • Google smart campaigns are for the novice advertiser.  They take a lot of the pressure off small business owners as you let the algorithm do some of the planning for you.
    • Smart campaigns are built with the help of machine learning.  And your ads will be place on multiple channels, including Gmail and YouTube.
    • You choose your objective and Google will match your ad with the best channel. so your ad will be seen by more people in more places.
    • Not only is this tool simple to use, but the cost per click is often significantly lower than with a traditional Google campaign.
    • Instead of selecting an individual key words, you are picking broader themes which allow you to go broader in your targeting.