Small Biz Chat:  September 3, 2021

Instagram Tips

There are several social media platforms – we all have our favorite. However, this week is all about Instagram.

This week, Megan Brame, Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball discuss Instagram tips.

What we discussed …

Instagram is great for businesses have strong visuals and connecting with people. Along with sharing photos, there are also reels, live streams, and stories that can be shared on Instagram. Here are some Instagram tips to help you navigate.

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Think Outside the Box

Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Instagram only allows for one link on your profile. The one link can be in your bio. Since you cant share a link with your post, you need to think of ways to get people to your bio, then ultimately to your website.
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Should You Have Multiple Pages?

A big question asked is “Should I keep my personal posts separate from my professional posts?” This depends on how much you want people to see. These days, a lot of people want to see the values that a business holds. So, posting relevant personal posts are okay, if you are comfortable with people knowing the personal aspects of your business.
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Follow a Format

When you’re first getting started on Instagram, don’t try to get super fancy right from the start. Look at pages similar to yours, and look at the format they are using. Follow that format, and tweak it a little. Build a following and build engagement, then you can start your own format.
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Consistency is Critical for Instagram

We say it a lot, but you have to be consistent! Consistently posting on Instagram can only help you. Brands and accounts that post regularly are usually favored by the algorithm. If you can manage to post consistently, then you are way ahead of most people on Instagram.

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