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President & Founder, Fresh Figs Marketing
Marketing Lecturer, Indiana University

Jennifer Riley Simone

After a circuitous career that took her around the country and serving many diverse roles, Jennifer started Fresh Figs Marketing in 2013. As an outside CMO, her richly varied industry background allows her to offer her clients a well-rounded perspective. She specializes in small businesses, partnering directly with the owners to develop marketing strategies that achieve business goals. Once everyone knows where they are going, Fresh Figs Marketing offers the tools to get there, from website development and branding, to content creation and multi-channel distribution. Authenticity, respect, a job well done and having fun along the way serve as the tenets of her personal and professional philosophy. If you are going to work hard, you might as well enjoy it! Jennifer also teaches full time as a Marketing Lecturer at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business in Bloomington.

“Release the idea that your blog is about you.”

The How-Tos of Content Marketing Campaigns

Blogging, podcasts, images and video are central to communicating effectively with your target market in the digital sphere. Yet, for many business owners, coming up with and pushing out content can feel like an overwhelming task. From setting your goals and developing topics, to creating a calendar and choosing your distribution channels, you will leave this session understanding what it takes to create and implement a powerful content marketing strategy.

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August 29th
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