Small Biz Chat:  July 1, 2021

Google Page Experience

In March of 2020 Google announced they would be rolling out something they were calling the “Google Page Experience”  The first updates have finally started being incorporated into the search algorithm.

What is it and how will it impact small business owners? Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball invited Devin Littlefield to join them for a Friday Small Biz Chat to explain why it is and why we should all care.

What we discussed …

As Google seeks to improve the overall search result, they are moving well beyond key words and relevant content . While still important, they have added a series of Core Web Vitals to the algorithm which measure the experience of the user when they arrive on your site. 

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It is all about speed

Google is evaluating  how quickly your page loads and how long it takes for users to get to the content they are seeking.  So say goodbye to bloated code and those annoying popups which take over the screen as soon as the page loads. 

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Two years is a lifetime

With rapid changes to the Goolge algorithm  in most industries, you need to be reviewing your website quarterly and updating ever two years, at a minimum. However, you need to keep an eye on your competitors, because if they are moving more quickly you need to adjust to keep up. 

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Google search console is key

Google has made the algorithm more complicated, but they have also given you the keys improving your site.  There, inside the Google Search Console, you will find your Core Vital ranking.  You can see which pages are good, great, or in serious need of an update. 

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Focus on the user experience.

You need to be creating a good experience so people want to stay on your website/  Don’t drive them away with unsecure website, overwhelming pop ups and ads or content which simply doesn’t fit what they are looking for.


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