Small Biz Chat:  July 16 2021

Next Level Jobs Training

Marketing moves fast. That is especially true when it comes to digital marketing. As a business owner it is important that you and your employees are trained on the latest tools and technology.

So this week, Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball  invited Matt Nettleton to join them for a conversation about the Next Level Jobs Program.

What is the Next Level Jobs Program? 

Next Level Jobs is a program funded by the state of Indiana, provides free state-wide training in high-paying, in-demand industries.

For Indiana employers, Next Level Jobs provides reimbursements up to $50,000 to train employees in these high-growth fields.

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Free Training

The program makes free state-wide training available to eligible Hoosiers through the Workforce Ready Grant


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Training in High Growth Fields

The funds must be used for business training  which provide some type of certificate at the end of the program

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How to Qualify

  • Indiana resident & a U.S. Citizen (or eligible non-citizen)
  • Have a high school diploma (or equivalent) but less than a college degree
  • Eligible for state financial aid (for certain programs and providers)
  • Enroll in a qualifying program at an approved training provider
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The state does not have an unlimited pot of money.  There is a deadline to apply, so don’t delay.  If you have employees, now is a great time to getthem trainied. 

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