Learn More with Self-Paced Learning

by | Jan 31, 2022 | Tech Tips / FAQ's

Did you know that people who practice a new skill over several spaced out sessions achieved 15% higher scores than those who practice in one intensive block? That is the reason we have launched so many self-paced classes recently. This course structure gives you the power to choose when to study, how to study, and when you will put it into practice.

Here are just a few reason you should consider self-paced learning

self-paced learning data

More benefits of self-paced learning for a small business owner. 

You are juggling so many balls every day it is hard to keep up with your business, let alone find time to attend a two hour webinar, and put what you learn into practice.  Now you don’t have to!  Self-paced classes allow you to learn in small bites, on your schedule, put some of what you learn into practice, and get back to business. 

With this process you will retain what you learn as you apply small changes to your business.