What You Measure, Matters!

For every marketing investment you should have a specific objective or goal and a metric. If doesn’t matter if your budget is $1,000 or $10,000 marketing metrics will tell you if your money is being spent well. 

Download our Marketing Metrics Kit to learn more about measuring your marketing. 

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What's in the marketing metrics kit.

The kit contains two workbooks to help you evaluate your marketing, website, and email programs. As a bonus, there is a link to a webinar recording on the subject of measuring ROI and using the data to improve. 

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Marketing Metrics Guide

Use this worksheet to outline your objectives and your measurement strategy for all your marketing investments.

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Simple Guide to Email Metrics

Are you tracking opens, clicks and bounces?  Discover how to improve your campaigns based on the data. 

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Recording: How to Calculate ROI

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Get the Kit

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