Small Biz Chat:  July 30, 2021

Marketing Metrics

Marketing is more than pretty pictures. Good marketing is all about the numbers.  There are so many different metrics, how do you know which ones are important for your business?

This week, Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball shared some of the metrics that they find important to measure in marketing.

What we discussed …

Marketing metrics can be overwhelming and confusing. This week we shared some of the best ways to look at your data!   

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Did you obtain your objective?

No matter your objective, you should be keeping an eye on data to see your results. Viewing data at month over month can be relevant, and viewing data at year over year can be relevant – it all depends on your business.  

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Measuring Website Traffic

How is your traffic behaving on your website? There are different metrics for measuring traffic, such as bounce rate and time on site. You should be watching those metrics to make sure your website traffic is good traffic.

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Analyzing Website Traffic

When looking at the different metrics from website traffic, you should pay attention to anything out of the ordinary. Are there major decreases in website traffic? If so, then you may need to rework your website so that Google favors your website. 

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Metric Platforms

There are different platforms that can be used to measure data. Some great platforms to use are Dash This, Google Data Studio, and Google Analytics. Remember that it is important to know what each metric means to your business. 

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