Small Biz Chat:  November 11, 2021

You May Have To Suck, Before You Are Awesome

Here’s the secret about starting a new business or launching a new product it might not be perfect right our of the gate.

This week, Melanie Dyann Howe joins  Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball for a lively conversation on what it takes to be awesome.

What we discussed …

Practice makes perfect, right? When you begin something new, perhaps marketing, there is a lot to learn and you most likely won’t get it right the first time. Here are some tips.

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Share the Spotlight

Putting your teammates, coworkers, and staff in your content is a great thing. This helps people build a relationship with the business overall, rather than just one person.

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Growth mindset versus fixed mindset. Yes, there is a difference, however, maybe you should stay fluid between the two. In marketing and business, you need to figure out where you fall, and then get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

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Don't Chase Everything

We all know that the marketing world is always changing. However, you don’t have to chase every new trend that comes out. You can still keep the same practices, but approach those practices differently. 

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It Won't Always Suck

It is time to approach obstacles with a learning mindset. You might suck at the beginning, but if you can approach everything with a learning mindset then you won’t suck forever. However, once you get into a groove, it’s time to suck at something else. 

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