SEO and Metrics: TBD August 2020

Good Marketing is All About the Numbers

In this series we’ll talk about measuring your marketing and how to use the numbers to create action plans. We’ll round out the week with a deep dive into general SEO best practices and local SEO.


Register today and you will learn how to:

  • Set objectives and develop appropriate metrics to make sure your marketing is working.
  • Use the data to create action plans that drive results.
  • Separate the myths from the facts and build the right SEO plan for your business.
  • Use Google My Business and other local SEO tools to dominate your local market.

What We Will Talk About

How to Measure Your Marketing

Are you making the best markeitng investments? The only way to be sure is to establish measurable objectives for each marketing actitvity. 

Converting Metrics Into Action

You have the numbers, now comes the hard work of reviewing the data and using the information to refine and improve your program so next time the results are even better.

What You Need to Know About SEO

The rules change all the time. In this session we will share the latest updates to the Google Algorithm. You’ll learn to separate the myths from the facts and build the right SEO plan for your business.

How to Win LOCAL Search

While you may never be able to compete with large national brands, if you only serve a local community you don’t have to. Instead, focus your energy on winning local search.

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