More Than a Few Words

a marketing conversation for business owners

Every week, Lorraine chats with industry leaders, from around the world about marketing, social media, design and technology.

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About the Show

It started as a conversation with friends. When someone would drop by her office, Lorraine would pull out her iphone and record a bit of banter. From those first, informal interactions with local marketing professionals, authors, and entrepreneurs, More than a Few Words was born.

Over the last decade, we’ve experimented with lots of formats including 30-minute live episodes, complete with a call-in number and a real-time twitter feed. (#MTFW).

There were half-baked marketing ideas, conversations with marketing celebrities, lots of laughs, and good information along the way.

Today, the ten-minute conversations are heard by business owners around the world  for practical tips and a little bit marketing inspiration.



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