Small Biz Chat:  June 25, 2021

New Digital Marketing Tools

Marketing moves fast.  That is especially true when it comes to digital marketing. There are always new tools.

This week, Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball shared some of their favorite tools and why they loved them.

What we discussed …

We could chat for hours about our favorite tools, but we picked just a few to share this week.  That way you can go out and test them before we throw more ideas at you!  

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If you want to kick the tires on the latest  software tools, be sure to subscribe to the AppSumo newsletter.  It is a great way to get discounted offers on software to run your business.

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This powerful audio and video editing tool makes it easy to convert your media files into engaging social media content.  Descript combines recording, editing, transcription and graphic design in one convenient tool. 

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Even if you are not a professional writer, Anyword can help you generate effective copy for ads, emails, landing pages, content, and more.  With the help of artificial intelligence you can step up your content marketing game. 

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Publr lets you collaborate, schedule, and analyze your posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, and YouTube Now you can spend more time creating content, and less time posting it.

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