Inbound offer

Oct. 22nd at 4:00 PM

Build Your Inbound Offer

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What We Will Talk About

Build Your First Inbound Campaign

Prospects don’t become customers overnight . In this session, we’ll build on Inbound Basics, to show you how to build your first Inbound campaign. 

Learn Simple and Effective Tactics

  • How to convert simple word documents and spread sheets into downloads
  • How to build a landing page with WordPress
  • Simple ways to create custom social shares
  • How to build an auto response campaign to continue the conversation with your prospects.

Get Ready to Work

Bring Your Questions

Bring your questions and an idea for an offer as you learn how to apply these strategies to improve your conversion rate. 

The Tools You Need

Participants receive a copy of the INBOUND PLANNING GUIDE to help you build your landing page and conversion program.