Small Biz Chat:  October 8, 2021

Why Ranking for Keywords Doesn’t Matter

Times have changed, marketing has changed, now SEO has changed. Before keywords used to make a difference. Now, keywords don’t matter.

This week, Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball discussed why ranking for keywords isn’t important.

What we discussed …

As always, this conversation could go on for hours. However, this week we shared just a few reasons why ranking for keywords isn’t important anymore.

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Google is not Buying From You

Lorraine said it the best: Google is not buying from you, people are buying from you. When writing content for your website, you have to answer questions that people are searching for, rather than throwing in a keyword.

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What is Google looking for?

Google is not looking to see if you have one keyword everywhere on your website, Google is looking for authority in a subject. And that is what you should be ranking for, authority in a particular subject.

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Personalized Search Results

Although Google still lists keywords that you rank for, it’s not accurate – because of personalized search results. For example, if you search for a service company, those results will be local service companies in your area.

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So, what is important?

If your website has content that is helping people and answering questions, then you’re adding value. Adding value is the important part here. Use helpful tools such as SemRush to help add value to your content.

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