Do you know what are customers looking for? 

People come to search engines with questions. Your goal is to anticipate questions prospective customers are likely to have. To win search you must build pages which answer the questions as specifically and completely as possible using language people are likely to use in their search.

This Search Intent Workbook will help you answer questions your customers have.

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Four Types of Questions

An easy way to think about the questions is to start with the intention of the searcher. Intention falls into one of four categories: information, navigation, commercial investigation, and transaction.

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These are the first questions someone who doesn’t know a lot about you, your product or service might ask.
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In this case the searcher is looking for a specific brand or company, but they may not know the exact URL

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As prospects narrow their search for a specific product or service they begin by exploring and weighing their options.

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These are the questions prospects ask when they are  ready to buy