Take a good look at your website

Are you welcoming visitors and turning them into prospects or turning them off sending them back to Google to find your competitors?

If your website is out of date or is missing elements visitors have come to expect, then you are disappointing them at every turn. But you can change that with our Web Audit Kit.

What's in the kit

The kit contains three worksheets to help you evaluate your website, and plan your redesign.  As a bonus, there is a link to a recording of our web audit webinar.

Web Score Card

How does your website measure up? Take our short quiz to score your website.

Workout Plan

Use our workout plan to evaluate your website’s design, content, conversion and SEO.   

Kickoff Worksheet

Ready to start your web redesign? Use this worksheet to assemble what you need to get started.  

Get the Kit

As a bonus when you download the kit,  you will be enrolled in the Digital Toolbox Community so you can receive more resources just like this every month!