Small Biz Chat:  November 5, 2021

Pin This!

Pinterest is not your typical social media platform. So, what exactly are we supposed to do on Pinterest?

This week, Megan Brame the host of the Stop Sucking at Business Podcast joined Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball for a conversation about Pinterest, what’s new and how to make the most of the platform.

What we discussed …

Pinterest has recently announced a new upcoming feature. And, there are some tricks that you probably didn’t know about.
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Pinterest TV

Pinterest recently announced the launch of Pinterest TV. This will be a series of live, original, and shoppable episodes.
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Video Strategy

Pinterest is not the first platform to surface videos, and it won’t be the last. If you don’t have a video strategy by now, then eventually you are going to be left behind. Get familiar with Pinterest TV, as it could help your business.
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Pinterest Has Answers

Pinterest isn’t your typical social media platform, it is more of a search engine. People go to Pinterest when they are looking for answers that they can’t find on other social media platforms.
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No Required Engagement

On Pinterest, you are exactly required to engage with people like you are on other platforms. Pinterest cares about posting consistent content rather than pinning other peoples’ stuff.

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