Small Biz Chat: Aug. 20, 2021


How has privacy changed in the digital world? It is important to know what is being tracked, and how to track it.

This week, Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball shared some of their favorite tools and why they loved them.

What we discussed …

The truth is, we gave up our privacy a long time ago. And this is the price we pay when joining the digital world. Here is what we think about privacy and the advantages and disadvantages to tracking data. 

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Abusing Internet Tracking

A downfall to the ability of tracking, is that some advertisers abuse it. For example, geo-targeting emergency rooms so that attorneys can locate business. There are different ways to go about targeting audiences. 

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Tracking what consumers are doing on the internet have helped business tremendously. Small businesses have been able to advertise without the need of placing ads on large platforms. 

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All Tech Companies Track Data

With in the fine print of tech companies’ policies, they are tracking what you do – regardless of if they say that your privacy is protected. These companies know what products to place in front of you, based on your past behaviors. 

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Privacy is a Marketing Tool

Regardless of how you feel, the privacy issue is not going away. However, not all who track your data are abusing that power. Privacy tracking is a valuable marketing tool for those who use it the right way. 

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