Video: Overview Content Based SEO

There are lots of technical tips and even a few questionable tricks you can use to enhance your SEO ranking.

However, if your goal is to generate results by driving qualified prospects to your website your primary focus must be a content-driven SEO approach which answers questions satisfying the curiosity of human visitors and search engines.

In this short video (run time: 22:53) we’ll show you how a content-driven SEO approach gives you a manageable roadmap to consistently improve your search position.

Start your program with questions

People come to search engines with questions. Your goal is to anticipate those questions and build pages to answer them as specifically and completely as possible. 

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Search Intent

Customers have different questions as they move through their journey from prospect to client.  Match questions to each step of the buyer’s journey.

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Power Words

Use customer language to motivate your prospects to take action.  Tap into their emotions and their senses to make the content relevant and appealing. 

Build on the Overview of Content Based SEO

Join us for little doses of SEO.

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