Small Biz Chat:  October 22, 2021

Send Better Email 

“You’ve got mail” It has been more than twenty years since we first heard those words. Like any relationship, our feelings about email have certainly changed. From something, we looked forward to with anticipation, it is now something we often dread.

This week, Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball shared tips and tricks to make your email more visually engaging and effective.

What we discussed …

Regardless of how we feel, we have remained loyal, opening our email every day. When someone opens your email, what do they see?

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Subject Lines

Really think about your subject line before you send an email out. What is the first thing people see when they get an email from you?

It is the subject line. If you don’t grab attention, then your email probably won’t be opened or read 

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If you put images in an email, it is important to remember that your images may not show to every recipient. In this case, you should always give your images a title and description. Your title and description will appear if an image is not shown. Anything of relevance should be in text.

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Keep it Short and Sweet

Not many people care enough to read your long email. Keep it to about 20 lines, and allow yourself a maximum of 3 buttons. Don’t stray away from headlines and sub-headlines, and include at least one call to action – people scroll and skim for relevant information. 

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Font and Color Choice

Yes, you have many options when it comes to fonts and colors – however, keep it to two of each. You can choose a maximum of two fonts and colors, don’t go crazy. Simplicity wins, you want your email to look clean. Your fonts and colors should stay on brand. 

Want to learn more?

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