Small Biz Chat:  September 10, 2021

Business Owner Tips with Michael Reynolds

If you could start your business over, what would you do differently?  That was the question Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball asked our guest Michael Reynolds when he joined them on Small Biz Chat

What we discussed …

We could chat for hours about the lessons we learned along the way, and those we are still learning. 

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Get Focused on Your Client

Be selective and don’t say yes to every customer and project.  You may grow slower, but you will end up with the business you want to run. 

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You Don't Have to Implement Every Idea Today

Give yourself  permission to say “It is a good idea, but I am not going to work on that today.  Picking a few meaningful tasks and put the other’s on the shelf. 

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Focus on Process Sooner

Create processes that others can follow, so you can create a business that will ultimately run without you. 

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Know Your Numbers

Sales, expenses, profit and cash flow.  You need to know how your business is performing so create a system to measure and check frequently. 

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