Small Biz Chat:  September 24 2021

Why You Should Always Be Advertising

Many business owners make the mistake of  dialing back on their advertising when they are busy.

This week, Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball explain why that is such a huge mistake.

What we discussed …

Regardless of how much business you have, you should always be advertising. When advertising stops, sales will stop. Here are the takeaways from this week’s discussion.

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Brand Awareness

When you are advertising, you are spreading brand awareness. Your ads are likely generating sales, and those same ads could carry the momentum for sales even when you stop advertising. However, that momentum is going to run out, and it could take you a while to get out of that hole. Always spread brand awareness with advertising, even when business is booming.

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Flighting is a tactic where your advertising is really heavy for a period of time, and then really light for a period of time – say every two weeks. If you use this advertising method, this could help you stay on budget without evenly distributing ads. This is still a great way to control the marketing message that you are trying to put out there.

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When running a business, advertising and marketing is crucial. Running ads consistently is also important because consumers want to see that they can rely on your business. If you go dark on advertising, consumers may think that you are going out of business, or that your business won’t be around for much longer. Remaining consistent with advertising and marketing will help keep your consumers on board.

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New Customers

Within your business, you may have established loyal customers, but don’t you want to gain new customers as well? Advertising, even when you have your customers, will increase the likelihood of gaining new customers and customer referrals. Turning off advertising and marketing, essentially turning off your business. When you think you have enough business, don’t stop there – you should always be advertising.

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