Small Biz Chat: Content-Based SEO

Small Biz Chat comes to LinkedIn

After multiple requests, Lorraine Ball  is finally live on LInkedIN.  So now, she and Jennifer Denney are able to bring the popular conversations to audiences, wherever they listen..  Now every Friday, at 9:00 am you an catch the conversations live, or check out the recordings later.

In this week’s chat the topic was Content-Based SEO.

What we discussed ...

    • It is time to rethink your approach to SEO . It is time to stop worrying about robots and schema markup and create content that takes care of your clients first and the rest will follow
    • Your customer is a human being, with real questions, not a Google robot and they have questions
    • Start with a list of questions not keywords.  Those questions form the foundation of your content-based SEO program.
    • More than half of consumers have already made up their mind before they talk to a salesperson.  The answers they find on your website help them decide they way to talk to you.
    • There are four types of questions; informational, navigational, commercial investigation and transactional.  Your goal should be to answer questions at each step of your customer’s journey.
    • Blog posts, case studies and pages with answer to frequently asked questions help provide the responses to your customers research.
    • But content-based SEO is about more than just text.  Images and video can also be helpful in providing information for your customers.   Remember to optimize these elements as well with strong descriptions related to the potential questions your customers are likely to have.
    • All your information does not need to be in the navigation.   If each page, post and piece of content has tags and descriptions visitors will be able to find the resources from your search bar.