Social Media Series: June 22 - 25, 4:00 PM

Social Media changes so fast it is hard to keep up. 

In this session you’ll learn the latest trends, tips, and tricks as well as simple best practices you can use right away.  

Social Media Series

Register today and you will learn:

  • Digital Trends. The results of our 2020 study are in.
  • Facebook  – What’s New – In-depth look at what’s new this year and how to use the best new features.
  • Instagram is the hot new platform. Here’s what you need to know.
  • Leveraging LinkedIn – This is more than just a place to post your resume.

What We Will Talk About

Digital Trends

How are companies just like yours taking advantage of social media tools? What’s on the rise and what’s on the decline and most importantly how do you take advantage of these trends? 

Facebook - What's New?

Facebook has come a long way. Today, with more than 1 billion users, it is an important part of your marketing plan, no matter what size company you run.

In this webinar, we will look at strategies for B2B and B2C companies including what types of content, and how and when to use the important and very affordable advertising tool.

Introducing Instagram

Every day about 500 million users log into Instagram. While the total number of users is staggering, it is the way people use this platform which makes it an exciting marketing tool. Discover what you need to know.

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional social platform. It is a powerful tool for prospecting, generating leads, sourcing potential employees, and building your business.

Whether you’re looking for people in a specific niche, company, or location, LinkedIn can help you identify and reach them. If you’re in a heavily-regulated industry, it can be your only approved social media outlet.

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