Small Biz Chat:  August 27, 2021

Taboola, Your New Favorite Tool

The cost of digital advertising keeps rising as more and more companies compete for the same key words and positions, but what if you could advertise in a less crowded more relevant way?  Meet, Taboola!

This week, Jennifer Denney and Lorraine Ball talk about Jennifer’s new favorite tool, Toobla.

What we discussed …

Taboola is also a native form of advertisement. The next time you are reading an online magazine, like the Huffington Post, look at the bottom of the page for the related posts?”  Those could very well be Taboola ads.

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Targeting with Taboola

Taboola ads can target to relevant audiences. Similar to Facebook, Taboola has categories upon categories to choose an audience from. A big difference between Facebook and Taboola is, that Taboola is not from third party collection. An example of this is placing an ad in front of someone who purchases beauty products from CVS. CVS’ loyalty card gives Taboola that information. 

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Ads Placed by Taboola

Taboola ads are placed based on a couple of things. Of course by the targeted audience chosen. And by the relevancy of your ad and the context on a website. For example, if your ad is about plumbing, Taboola will place your ad in a blog about plumbing. 

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Back to Privacy

Remember how we talked about privacy? Being a member of a loyalty program, such as the one at CVS, and being on the internet – you are being tracked. Taboola is able to gather this data from resources such as CVS, because when you sign up for a loyalty program, you are also agreeing to being tracked. However, this is the best way for Taboola to gather data and give us the best audience choices possible.

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Is Taboola a Good Fit for You?

Taboola has a wide variety of audiences and placement. Just like any other ad platform, you still have to optimize to get the best results. Paying cost per click is worth it, knowing that your ad is being placed exactly where it should be. For Taboola to work, you have to have the right content on your website, or otherwise it won’t work.

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