by Mar 31, 2022Tech Tips / FAQ's

Today’s post is from guest author Cathy Hu

The self-paced course has become increasingly relevant in the last few years. Students in traditional institutions are learning asynchronously (does not have a set schedule or time requirement) and many love it! Being in control of your learning has never been so easy. You make your deadlines, you set your goals, and you learn on your own schedule. There are countless benefits to tailoring your learning for your personal timeline, but there is an intimidation factor as well. Digital Toolbox is here, because we care about you and your company’s success. We have compiled a list of the best practices to help you get the most out of the Digital Toolbox learning platform!

Tip #1: Hold Yourself Accountable for your learning

Who knows you better than YOU? Taking a self paced-course puts you in charge. The only person you have to be accountable for is yourself. Help yourself out and tackle these courses in a way that is best for your learning style. There are no set deadlines on the learning platform but pushing back your start time will just delay all of the benefits you’re looking for. Holding yourself accountable for your progression is important in life and learning! 

Tip #2: Find a Study Place

Just like keeping your work life and social life separate, it is important to define a space for your learning. This should be an organized, quiet space free from distractions– a place where you can open your mind and fully comprehend what you are learning. When you are distracted, you are not allowing yourself to achieve your full potential and soak in everything Digital Toolbox has to offer you and your company!

Tip #3: Create a Plan- and stick to it

Whether you are a person that relies on a ridgid to-do list or a person that has an irregular schedule, create a plan for your learning. This could include planning which days a week you will go through the course or how much time a day you want to set aside. Choose whichever plan fits your schedule and your learning style and stick to it!

Tip #4: Don’t Rush

Don’t rush your learning on the Digital Toolbox learning platform. Our learning platform isn’t like those tests you had to cram for in your high school or college days. In order to get the most out of your learning, take your time. This is an opportunity to work without deadlines and truly learn at your own pace. How fast or slow you go through the lessons is up to you and your schedule. Rushing to check off boxes won’t allow you to really soak in the information and get the benefits of all the amazing tutorials, worksheets, and handouts we provide for you! 

Tip #5: Set Goals

Set goals for yourself! This could be in the form of finishing a certain number of lessons a week or maybe a date of when you want to be at a certain progress point. Write down your goals on your phone or a sticky note and give yourself a check when you have achieved them. Setting goals is a great way to track your progress and hold yourself accountable!

Tip #6: Check up on your learning

Make sure you are retaining what you’re learning. Review harder concepts and make sure you fully understand the content before moving on. Write down questions, main points, or tough concepts for each lesson and use them as a review or quick reference point. 

Tip #7: Keep Yourself Organized

On our end, your learning materials are all kept in one place. Tutorials, videos, worksheets, and handouts are grouped together by lesson (no need to flip through a bunch of tabs), but it’s important to keep yourself organized too! If you print out handouts or handwrite notes, be sure to keep them all together for quick reference. If you learn better online, try creating a folder or a designated space to save all your documents electronically and be sure they are backed up!