Question: What is a LinkedIn Pod? 

Answer: A Digital Referal Group

A LinkedIn Pod puts your best networking group to work online. 

If you are spend time regularly on LinkedIn you may have  noticed some posts seem to get lots of interaction. How do the authors of this content get their audience to engage, liking, sharing and commenting on the information?

Obviously, the post must contain good information, but that is not enough.  LinkedIn pods offer you a way to get your content noticed by the LinkedIn algorithm

What are LinkedIn Pods?

The concept is simple. It is essentially a group of people who agree to work together to like, share, and comment on each other’s posts on a regular basis.

Think of it as  moving your best referral circle or networking group online. It works best if the people in the pod share common audiences or interests so it makes sense to interact and engage. Initially it will make time on LinkedIn more interesting as you are actually interacting instead of mindlessly scrolling, but it has other value as well. The way LinkedIn works, your audience can see when you like, share, or comment on content of other members of your pod. This cross promotion helps each member reach more people, but the value extends beyond your communities.

Just like all the other social media platforms, LinkedIn uses an algorithm to identify content people are interested in. So as you like, share, or comment on content, the LinkedIn algorithm notices that a piece of content is getting a little more traction. As a result, it is more likely to be presented to a wider community, which then comments, likes, and interacts and the cycle begins again.

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