What is Buyer Persona?

by | Dec 30, 2021 | Tech Tips / FAQ's

In the early stage of your business developing the perfect product is a key factor to attracting target customers, but. Before you can create the perfect product, you need a clear image of your target customer. This provides direction for product development and the basis for future promotion.

What is a Buyer Persona?

 The buyer persona, also known as the customer avatar, is a fictional person who represents the company’s hypothetical ideal target market. The role of the buyer persona is to better understand the needs of real customers in order to produce targeted products. Think of this as a customer’s personal narrative.

Who is Responsible for Creating the Buyer Persona?

In general, the marketing team is responsible for creating the buyer persona. Ideally, each customer-facing employee or department representative should be involved in creating the buyer persona. They will first-hand experience the product or service to find problems.

How to create a Buyer Persona

Step 1: Do comprehensive research

Start by looking at your records to see what information the company has already obtained from the customer. You can also gather information by talking to customer-facing employees and inviting existing customers for face-to-face or phone interviews.

Step 2: Segment buyer personas – After collating the information from Step 1, you can decide how many buyer personas you want. You can segment them by industry, occupation, age, gender, location, personality, etc.

Step 3: Create a name and a story for your buyer persona – After segmentation, creating a name and adding a story can help you to better describe, differentiate, and introduce different buyer personas.

How to use Buyer Persona

For product marketers, the buyer persona can be integrated into sales materials, such as product descriptions, landing pages, and blogs. Advertising can be divided into groups and adjusted elements according to different buyer personas. To make the most of the buyer persona, companies can also train employees who face potential customer