Who Will You Meet at the Next Networking Event?

I built my business on networking.  Those face to face interactions provided a steady stream of  new ideas, referral partners and a few great customers too. As an extrovert, and networking junkie these events fueled my business and my energy.

The pandemic forced us to move to online networking, while productive, it isn’t the same as being in person. So, as things are starting to open up and we head back out for  face to face networking, I thought it would be helpful to put together a few networking notes.

People you find at networking events. 

Good networking is not like a one night stand. If you show up once and expect people to open their address books and wallets you are going to be disappointed.  Instead, go to each networking event with a plan  of who you want to meet,  Here are some of the typical people filling the room at each event.

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Rabid Sellers

These people who come to the event with brochures and portfolios in hand.  They will force their materials at anyone who stands still long enough to have one thrust into their arms.

If this is your approach, you are wasting your time.  The majority of your brochures will be left on the table or in the trash on the way out.  

Instead of pushing your product on everyone is sight, strike up a conversation, and listen to what the other person is talking about. Then follow up after the event with a few qualified prospects

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The Rookies

These new attendees move around the room, with a “deer in the headlights” kind of stare, hoping someone will talk to them.  If you are a rookie, stop waiting for others to talk to you, and jump in and Introduce yourself.  the truth is everyone comes to networking events to meet people, it might as well be you. 

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The Regulars

These folks seem to know everyone in the room.  If you are a Regular, don’t forget to welcome the Rookies.  It is nice to catch up with old friends, but that Rookie may be your next great connection. 

Follow up is the key to success.

You are not going to make a sale over rubber chicken or stale Danish.  But if you follow up with a note or call, that indicates you really listened to what the other person had to say, you are likely to be invited to continue the conversation. 

Take the Fear Out of Networking

Do you find yourself uttering the a prayer before each event?  Please let me find someone to buy my product? There’s a better way!  Listen to actor and author, Sean Tyler Foley explain how to take the fear out of networking.

by Sean Tyler Foley | Guest: More than a Few Words